Provides information about your VPN customer gateway device.

Request Parameters

  • Type - The type of VPN connection that this customer gateway supports (ipsec.1)
    • Required: Yes
    • Type: String
    • Valid values: ipsec.1
  • IpAddress - The Internet-routable IP-address for the customer gateway’s outside interface
    • Required: Yes
    • Type: String
  • BgpAsn - For devices that support BGP, the customer gateway’s BGP ASN
    • Required: Yes
    • Type: Int

Response Elements

  • customerGatewaySet - Information about one or more customer gateways
    • item
      • customerGatewayId - The ID of the customer gateway
      • type - The type of VPN connection the customer gateway supports (ipsec.1)
      • state - The state field
      • ipAddress - The Internet-routable IP-address of the customer gateway’s outside interface
      • bgpAsn - The customer gateway’s Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Autonomous System Number (ASN)
  • requestId - The ID of the request


c2-ec2 CreateCustomerGateway Type ipsec.1 IpAddress BgpAsn 35000