VM launch

To launch VM, navigate to Instances section and click New instance. In the opening dialog box, select one of the prepared VM templates and click Next.


At the next step, specify key VM parameters:

Name Description
Number of instances Ability to launch several identical machines at a time
Instance type Ability to define VM computing resources. You may select one of preset options.
Assign an external address An IP address is automatically assigned to each VM within data center’s intranet. An external IP address may also be assigned in order to enable access over the Internet. The external IP address should be reserved beforehand in Addresses section. The external address can be assigned after VM instance launch.
High availability Ability to restart a VM automatically in case of a failure
Delete upon shutdown VM will be deleted automatically upon the operating system shutdown
Monitoring Ability to activate VM instance monitoring. This is an extra fee-based option.

Upon setting all parameters required to launch VM or VM group, click Launch a new instance.

VM launch process takes some time. Upon VM launch process completion, the VM status will change to “running”. Unique ID is assigned to each VM launched on the cloud platform.