Addresses section

In CROC Cloud Platform, each instance has its own address in the internal virtual network. This address is allocated automatically at creation and doesn’t change later. Instance receive private address and other network information over DHCP. Receiving an address over DHCP ensures instance operation in CROC Cloud infrastructure.

To give access to an instance from external network, a public address must be allocated to it. The public address is allocated not to a particular instance, but to a router, which allows for dynamic reallocation of public addresses between the instances anytime.

If a certain instance doesn’t need external access then public address may be deleted.


Allocating a new address

An address from the range of available public IP addresses is automatically allocated upon clicking некартинка_46.

If the allocated address is not in use for a long time then it will be deleted automatically. After the address is deleted, there is no guarantee that the same address will be allocated next time.

Associating an address with an instance

This function is available only if there is an unassociated IP address.

To associate an address to an instance, select it in the working area and click некартинка_47.

Select necessary parameters in the address allocation dialog window and confirm the action.


If you need to associate several public addresses to an instance or to create a virtual IP migrating between several instances, then you have to: - allocate several private addresses; - allocate several public addresses; - associate created public addresses to created private addresses; - manually associate private addresses to instance interface from inside of the instance.

Disassociating addresses

To disassociate public IP address from an instance or private IP address, click некартинка_48.

The button is active for addresses linked to the instance or private IP address. Afterwards, the available address can be associated again to a new instance.

Deleting an address

To delete the selected address, click некартинка_49. You can delete available addresses and addresses associated with an instance.