Snapshots section

Volume snapshot is a base, on which many volumes can be created. In addition, snapshot can be used as a backup.

Attention! In the current implementation, a snapshot creation procedure may only be started when there is no data writing to the volume (the volume is unattached or instance is stopped).

Creating a snapshot

Snapshot can be created using several methods:

  • when creating a template from a stopped instance, snapshots of all volumes attached to this instance are created automatically;
  • snapshot can be created from a file uploaded to object storage;
  • snapshot can be created from the specified volume.

When creating a snapshot, it gets a unique ID in the snap-XXXXXX form. We recommend you to give each snapshot a brief description for convenience.

By default, a created snapshot is private. Volume can be created based on this snapshot only within the project, in which this snapshot was created. You can specify the projects, which should have access to the snapshot, or mark the snapshot as public.

If the snapshot contains OS boot image, then you have to ensure quality and security of instances created from this snapshot before allowing other users to access it. It is strongly recommended to avoid distributing snapshots with a preset system administrator password. A random password can be generated at the system launch and displayed to user via remote console.

Be careful when using licensed software. License cloning is not allowed in some cases.


Deleting an image

Click некартинка_32 to delete the selected snapshot from the list.

Changing description

Click некартинка_33 to edit the description of the selected snapshot.

Enabling shared access

Click некартинка_34 to share the selected snapshot to all CROC Cloud users.

Disabling shared access

Click некартинка_35 to make the selected snapshot private.

Snapshots, which are not shared, are labeled with некартинка_36 icon.

Displaying snapshot properties

Click a link with unique ID to display detailed snapshot information.


Click некартинка_37 to edit a snapshot description.

Click некартинка_38 to delete the snapshot from the snapshot list.

Granting access for other project

Click некартинка_39 to grant access to the snapshot for the specified project. Enter full name of the project in <project name>@<customer name> format and confirm the action.


Additional actions

Click “More…” to display the list of additional actions available for the selected snapshot.


Revoking access for other project

Select “Revoke access from other project” to remove an access for other project to the selected snapshot

Enabling shared access

Click “Share snapshot” to share the selected snapshot to all CROC Cloud users.

Access information will change to “Snapshot is shared across all projects”.

Disabling shared access

Select “Private snapshot” to make the selected snapshot private. Access information will change to “Snapshot is accessible only by owner.”